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November 1, 2015

2015 flowering season (Low rain Fall)

Halcyon Steppe Iris & Daylily Farm has experienced the driest winter in

our 20 years here in Collie.

Having only 350 mms of rain when we normally get 750 mms has had a

drastic reduction in the quality of our flowers. Also with the higher

temperatures with many days over 30 degrees, this is making the flower

spikes up and flowering faster than normal, some only lasting 3 to fours


The hardest hit are the Tall Bearded iris. Flowering is happening so fast

that we are wondering what we are likely to have for our next big show

at ALBANY on the 13th November 2015. We have always been able to

have a great display there often winning the competitions for best Iris in

the show. We will have to wait and see what we have,

This year the Louisiana Iris (water iris) have been wonderful. These

have been in full bloom with tall stalks upto 1.2 metrtes high. Lots of

flowers on each stem . One pond has been outstanding but we have

nowhere to show them.

These will be finished before Albany show.

After the flowering season we will make new soil and repot them.

But the Louisiana iris will not get as much water as normal.

We will have to wait and see how our water holds up at the end of

summer, we can hope for one of the downpours where we get 75mms in

one rush. We do need it.

There is some hope of a little rain over the next 4 days, nothing like we

need though .We have not had a serious rain for 14 weeks .

As the flowering season finishes we move into the next phase of the

gardening cycle.

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