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Growing Tall Bearded Iris

To successfully  grow  bearded iris  select a position  in full sun . The plants grow well  in almost  any  soil.  Composted leaf litter  and  sheep or cow manure mixed  into the soil  provides  all the needs of the   plants. Garden lime is also recommended as they like sweet soil.

Plant the rhizome close to the level of the soil leaving it exposed slightly.

Water in well.  After this one water a week is enough while the rhizome is getting established.

After it’s established, water every 2 weeks in the hot weather. Bearded iris are drought  tolerant so don’t need  to be watered  anymore than this.

Bearded iris will branch into clumps  and will  become crowded  after 3 to 4 years .They should be dug up and divided . Select the best rhizomes, cut the leaves back and plant.

Bearded iris flower in the spring  with spectacular flowers growing up to 1 metre  in height, with 4 flower points and as many as 12 flowers per stem .

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