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Prince Charles visited our stall in Albany Show 2015

Albany Show  2015   was  something special.

The Bearded Iris  flowers   done us proud  we won 3 classes as  well as the champion Iris  for the show.
The long hot dry Spring  made it hard to have real top quality  flowers, as everyone  was  in the same boat  it was  put in what you have  and see how   it stands up.  That was Friday.
Saturday  the whole town of Albany was  talking about   the visit of  The ROYALS we hoped that  we would  see them.
To standout  in the crowd  I wore my red Indian  costume .
I  had  Camilla  walk  to me  and she was taken   with the   flashy  red   Costumes she Said “ want a splendid outfit “  I said “I was trying to out do you” Camilla said “ well you certainly have done that. I really  love it” and then she  walk on.
10 minutes later  Prince Charles  came out of the pavilion he was being directed away  down the road and I thought my chance  to meet him was gone. He glanced back  and  stopped in his tracks  and turned and came back  just to meet me. Charles said “ you have won the prize
I said “what have I won” Charles  said “for the most glamourous  outfit. It reminds me of  my Uncle , Louis Mount Batten he was in India.”
We  talked  about  where I got the costume  I said in Kolkata   India .
And  where I was from in Collie  western Australia  . He asked  where that was I said 250 kilo metres from here . He said what a splendid  effort  you have made   and thanks  very much, And the  he  left me.

We had  a very  nice Albany Show it will  be remembered   for a long time.

Local News paper had an article on this:


Price Charles with Greg

Price Charles with Greg
Price Charles with Greg

Some New Water Iris in 2015


Bearded Iris and Albany Show

Mid  November  and   with this  dry hot weather we will have very few tall bearded  iris flowers for the Albany Show which is on  this weekend. Friday  and Saturday.
Royalty will be  at the show prince Charles  makes a quick visit  and should be  in the  wool shed  looking at the prize Merino fleeces this  is  next door to us.
I will be  wearing my splendid  Indian  costume  to  standout in the crowd.

This could be the last  Albany show as the council is redelevopling the ground  and wants the show society  to move somewhere else.
The  will  be catastrophic for the show. This has been a  grand show for us exhibiting the   Bearded  Iris  winning  many  championships with them  over the years.

This weekend  might be  the last time we will do the show 2015. This will be the 23rd time we have been at  the Albany Show  a long time/\.

Dragao Drums
Dragao Drums
Rear Treat
Rear Treat


2015 flowering season (Low rain Fall)

Halcyon Steppe Iris & Daylily Farm has experienced the driest winter in

our 20 years here in Collie.

Having only 350 mms of rain when we normally get 750 mms has had a

drastic reduction in the quality of our flowers. Also with the higher

temperatures with many days over 30 degrees, this is making the flower

spikes up and flowering faster than normal, some only lasting 3 to fours


The hardest hit are the Tall Bearded iris. Flowering is happening so fast

that we are wondering what we are likely to have for our next big show

at ALBANY on the 13th November 2015. We have always been able to

have a great display there often winning the competitions for best Iris in

the show. We will have to wait and see what we have,

This year the Louisiana Iris (water iris) have been wonderful. These

have been in full bloom with tall stalks upto 1.2 metrtes high. Lots of

flowers on each stem . One pond has been outstanding but we have

nowhere to show them.

These will be finished before Albany show.

After the flowering season we will make new soil and repot them.

But the Louisiana iris will not get as much water as normal.

We will have to wait and see how our water holds up at the end of

summer, we can hope for one of the downpours where we get 75mms in

one rush. We do need it.

There is some hope of a little rain over the next 4 days, nothing like we

need though .We have not had a serious rain for 14 weeks .

As the flowering season finishes we move into the next phase of the

gardening cycle.

Katanning show held last weekend 24th October 2015

This was the first time we have attended Katanning show for 6 years.

The first thing we noticed was that the Great Southern Iris Championship was not held.

This was due to the dry and hot conditions we have been experiencing.

This has made the flowering season not as good as in previous years.

We also had a stall there to sell our plants and craft things.

We found that the crowd was not what was expected.

People are not spending what they would have in past years .

Things are tight in Australia just now and people are finding it hard to meet their commitments

resulting in hard times for the stall holders.

The dry winter is starting to have dire consequences with our farmers as well.

We can only hope for a better show next year.

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