Californian Iris

Californian Coast Iris, also known as Pacific Coast Iris, are perfect for that shady spot in the garden. These colourful, vigorous plants will clump up quickly and provide a beautiful splash of colour in early spring. Being a low growing variety Pacific Coast Iris are ideal as borders.

They should be planted or divided in late autumn or early winter (May – June) when new shoots are forming. We send Californian Irises only during Winter as they are temperamental about being dug at any other time and will most likely not survive.

We recommend that you order them from May to June.


Give them a well drained spot with slightly acid to neutral soil with plenty of humus dug into the soil. Planting them under trees is ideal as this provides them with a ready supply of humus as the tree sheds its leaves.

Ensure they have enough water during winter and spring, while mulching helps them through our long hot summers. Pacific Coast iris are relatively disease and pest free.

Very little fertilizing is needed. While they are temperamental about being transplanted, once established they are very hardy and can be left in the same spot for several years.

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