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Epiphyllum 9


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Epiphyllum is a beautiful plant. Yes, we are talking about Orchid Cactus and they have big cup-shaped flowers that come out in a wide variety of colours. Epiphyllum looks quite spectacular when they bloom. Normally bloom during the springtime. The word epiphyte comes from the Greek “epi”, which means “upon” and “phyton”, which means plant. Epiphyllum has often grown houseplants as they are relatively trouble-free. Ruby Snowflake is an Epiphyllum or orchid cactus with smaller flowers. It has spidery petals in deep ruby red with prominent white stamens. Well suited to a protected spot and makes a vibrant display in a hanging basket. The plants need the right kind of atmosphere to bloom. The flowers come out at the end of the stem during springtime.

How to Grow Epiphyllum from seeds

At first choose the right place and bright pot, filtered light with moderate-high humidity. Day to day when increase to humidity then your position the pot on a tray filled in gravel topped and keep this pot topped up water. The plants start readily from seed but may take up to 5 years to bloom.

Secondly, this Epiphyllum plant can be grown from seeds, although patience is required as this is a very slow-growing plant. Take 5 to 7 years before it reaches the blooming stage for grown from seeds. Choose the shallow container in which germinated the seeds. Choose the shallow container in which germinated the seeds. Spread the seeds across the surface of the soil. Then lightly sprinkle some soil mixture over them.

Thirdly we can see mix the surface deeply and then cover the container with a lid to keep in moisture and promote heat. Once the seedlings have appeared, grow the plants in a bright location with indirect light.

Fourth this Epiphyllum plant is a grow slowly and we can watch the plant is continuously growing 7 to 10 month.



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