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Mango Smoothie


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Tall Bearded Iris in a mango – tan blend. Tall stems help it stand out.

It is the tall varieties that we most often see in the gardens across Australia. They can reach around .5 to .8m in height. They really are a hardy plant, thriving in hot summers and yet appreciating our cold winters.

All will grow well all over Australia. In areas with warm winters,  the lack of a winter chill can inhibit flowering.


Mid-spring to early summer, though dwarf varieties tend to flower earlier in late winter early spring.

Care, Planting and Growing Conditions

Plant Bearded Iris at or slightly below the soil surface with roots set in the soil and the rhizome itself sitting just above soil level. Soil should be well-drained, but not too rich as this can inhibit flowering production. This is a drought tolerant plant, Bearded Iris can rot if over watered and drainage is poor. In most areas, natural rainfall should be enough. Fertilizer is not really required, but a light application of low nitrogen fertilizer can be applied in autumn and spring. Remove spent flowers. Remove old leaves in autumn to allow the sunshine to help dry out the soil while not flowering. Insects can attack, control with insecticide as required.



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