Tall Bearded Irises

Tall Bearded Irises produce flowers of spectacular colour and beauty but are tough and hardy and very easy to grow. They can survive serious neglect, preferring full sun and well drained soil. They will grow in most soils although they do prefer a slightly alkaline soil. These perennials can be left in the same spot for about 3 years, developing into a clump that will provide multiple flower stalks.
Flower spikes range from 70 to 100cm plus and flower from late September to early December. Peak flowering is from mid to late October and early November.

Plant any time from December to the end of March, preferably early December, just after flowering, or late February. Build up your beds with well aged manure or general purpose fertilizer. Put a layer of soil between the manure and the rhizomes to avoid the possibility of rot. Rhizomes should be just covered with soil. Fertilise plants in November just after flowering and August before budding.

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