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August 6, 2014

The white iris

We often have customers say that they have “the white iris”. For novice iris growers it can be hard to comprehend the number of different whites (or yellows or any colour for that matter). Just as a comparison pictured here are three whites from our patch. The first, just like last year is flowering right now and has been for a month; it’ll produce more blooms in spring. It has a lovely large flower with a splash of gold around gold beards. The middle one is the trusty old white flag iris with its much smaller plain flower. The flags usually bloom late winter to early spring for us. The third example is “Jay Cee Tee”, an exquisite ruffled, pure white. The last picture is “Skating Party”.This one is slightly ruffled and has a pale yellow beard. Line them up and you start to see the differences.






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